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Type of Surgeries

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement is one of the most successful surgeries in orthopedics. It relieves the patient of pain and disability due to arthritis. It helps patients to regain mobility. This surgery helps the patient to regain stable, mobile and painless knee joint.

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Revision Knee Replacement

There is hope for patients in whom a previous knee replacement has failed. By this technique, a failed knee replacement can be converted to a successful knee replacement thus helping the patient to regain mobility.

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Partial Knee Replacement

This technical surgery involves replacing only one portion of the knee joint(diseased part only) instead of replacing the whole knee joint.

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Minimal Invasive/Incision Knee Replacement

This surgical technique minimizes blood loss, promotes, early recovery and is less painful.

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Computer Navigated Knee Replacement

Computer navigated surgery involves use of highly advance computer system during surgery so as to improve accuracy, minimize blood loss, minimal cutting of the bone, decrease pain and encourage early recovery to give the best possible results.

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Arthroscopy of the Shoulder

Key hole surgery technique by which surgery is done inside shoulder and knee joint without surgical incision and without opening the joint. This makes it less time consuming, without blood loss, less painful, faster recovery, short hospital stay and less expensive.

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Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement has been one of the major successes of modern medicine. Its continued success depends on effective collaboration between clinicians and researchers across many different areas in science and medicine.

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Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Injuries

Participating in a variety of sports is fun and healthy for children and adults. However, it's critical that before you participate in any sport, you are aware of the precautions you can take to prevent injuries.

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